Glossary Terms - T

Telnet (Telnet)
The virtual terminal protocol in the Internet suite of protocols. Allows users of one host to log into a remote host and interact as normal terminal users of that host. [Source: RFC 1208]
The X Window System (TM) (The X Window System (TM))
A popular window system developed by MIT and implemented on a number of workstations. [Source: RFC 1208]
three-way-handshake (three-way-handshake)
The process whereby two protocol entities synchronize during connection establishment. [Source: RFC 1208]
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
The major transport protocol in the Internet suite of protocols providing reliable, connection- oriented, full-duplex streams. Uses IP for delivery. See TP4. [Source: RFC 1208]
transceiver (Transmitter-receiver)
The physical device that connects a host interface to a local area network, such as Ethernet. Ethernet transceivers contain electronics that apply signals to the cable and sense collisions. [Source: RFC 1208]
Transport Layer (Transport Layer)
The OSI layer that is responsible for reliable end- to-end data transfer between end systems. [Source: RFC 1208]

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