Glossary Terms - N

name resolution (name resolution)
The process of mapping a name into the corresponding address. See DNS. [Source: RFC 1208]
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
(Formerly NBS). See OIW. [Source: RFC 1208]
NSF (National Science Foundation)
Sponsors of the NSFNET. NSFNET: National Science Foundation NETwork. A collection of local, regional, and mid-level networks in the U.S. tied together by a high-speed backbone. NSFNET provides scientists access to a number of supercomputers across the country. [Source: RFC 1208]
Network Address (Network Address)
See Internet address or OSI Network Address. [Source: RFC 1208]
NetBIOS (Network Basic Input Output System)
The standard interface to networks on IBM PC and compatible systems. [Source: RFC 1208]
NFS(R) (Network File System)
A distributed file system developed by Sun Microsystems which allows a set of computers to cooperatively access each other's files in a transparent manner. [Source: RFC 1208]
NIC (Network Information Center)
Originally there was only one, located at SRI International and tasked to serve the ARPANET (and later DDN) community. Today, there are many NICs, operated by local, regional, and national networks all over the world. Such centers provide user assistance, document service, training, and much more. [Source: RFC 1208]
Network Layer (Network Layer)
The OSI layer that is responsible for routing, switching, and subnetwork access across the entire OSI environment. [Source: RFC 1208]
NMS (Network Management Station)
The system responsible for managing a (portion of a) network. The NMS talks to network management agents, which reside in the managed nodes, via a network management protocol. See agent. [Source: RFC 1208]
NOC (Network Operations Center)
Any center tasked with the operational aspects of a production network. These tasks include monitoring and control, trouble-shooting, user assistance, and so on. [Source: RFC 1208]
NSAP (Network Service Access Point)
The point at which the OSI Network Service is made available to a Transport entity. The NSAPs are identified by OSI Network Addresses. [Source: RFC 1208]

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