Glossary Terms - M

mail exploder (mail exploder)
Part of an electronic mail delivery system which allows a message to be delivered to a list of addressees. Mail exploders are used to implement mailing lists. Users send messages to a single address (e.g., and the mail exploder takes care of delivery to the individual mailboxes in the list. [Source: RFC 1208]
mail gateway (mail gateway)
A machine that connects two or more electronic mail systems (especially dissimilar mail systems on two different networks) and transfers messages between them. Sometimes the mapping and translation can be quite complex, and generally it requires a store-and-forward scheme whereby the message is received from one system completely before it is transmitted to the next system after suitable translations. [Source: RFC 1208]
MIB (Management Information Base)
A collection of objects that can be accessed via a network management protocol. See SMI. [Source: RFC 1208]
Martian (Martian)
Humorous term applied to packets that turn up unexpectedly on the wrong network because of bogus routing entries. Also used as a name for a packet which has an altogether bogus (non-registered or ill-formed) Internet address. [Source: RFC 1208]
MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)
The largest possible unit of data that can be sent on a given physical medium. Example: The MTU of Ethernet is 1500 bytes. See fragmentation. [Source: RFC 1208]
MHS (Message Handling System)
The system of message user agents, message transfer agents, message stores, and access units which together provide OSI electronic mail. MHS is specified in the CCITT X.400 series of Recommendations. [Source: RFC 1208]
MTA (Message Transfer Agent)
An OSI application process used to store and forward messages in the X.400 Message Handling System. Equivalent to Internet mail agent. [Source: RFC 1208]
MILNET (MILitary NETwork)
Originally part of the ARPANET, MILNET was partitioned in 1984 to make it possible for military installations to have reliable network service, while the ARPANET continued to be used for research. See DDN. [Source: RFC 1208]
multicast (multicast)
A special form of broadcast where copies of the packet are delivered to only a subset of all possible destinations. See broadcast. [Source: RFC 1208]
multi-homed host (multi-homed host)
A computer connected to more than one physical data link. The data links may or may not be attached to the same network. [Source: RFC 1208]

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