Glossary Terms - F

Federation of American Research NETworks. [Source: RFC 1208]
FNC (Federal Networking Council)
The body responsible for coordinating networking needs among U.S. Federal agencies. [Source: RFC 1208]
FRICC (Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee)
Now replaced by the FNC. [Source: RFC 1208]
FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface)
An emerging high-speed networking standard. The underlying medium is fiber optics, and the topology is a dual-attached, counter-rotating Token Ring. FDDI networks can often be spotted by the orange fiber "cable." [Source: RFC 1208]
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
The Internet protocol (and program) used to transfer files between hosts. See FTAM. [Source: RFC 1208]
FTAM (File Transfer, Access, and Management)
The OSI remote file service and protocol. [Source: RFC 1208]
Federal Information Processing Standard. [Source: RFC 1208]
flame (flame)
To express strong opinion and/or criticism of something, usually as a frank inflammatory statement in an electronic message. [Source: RFC 1208]
fragmentation (fragmentation)
The process in which an IP datagram is broken into smaller pieces to fit the requirements of a given physical network. The reverse process is termed reassembly. See MTU. [Source: RFC 1208]

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