CCNA Notes

Preparing for the CCNA exam can seem daunting at first, after all there is a huge amount of information covered by the CCNA exam.

Ideally you should write notes on each topic from the CCNA syllabus as you go through the course, these notes will make it much easier for you to create your own set of compact revision notes.

Try to condense your revision notes for each topic onto one side of paper. Concentrate on things you have trouble remembering. Include sketches, IOS commands and tables of information to help jog your memory.

Remember, you'll want to be able to read through these notes many times before the exam, so try to make them short enough so that you can read through the whole set of notes in about 30 minutes.

As the exam draws closer create a more compact set of notes from your revision notes. These will be used to glance at just before you walk into the exam room, and include all the important things you still haven't managed to commit to memory.

The CCNA exam isn't an open book exam, so you can't refer to your notes in the exam, but you will have access to a pen and paper or write/erase board, so you can start writing down stuff from your memory as soon as you enter the exam room.

If you don't want to create your own set of revision notes you can purchase our CCNA Cheatsheet which contains 9 crammed pages full of revision notes, diagrams, comparison tables, IOS commands covering the latest CCNA syllabus.

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CCNA cheat sheet

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