CCNA Curriculum

The CCNA curriculum covers the basics of computer networking, with a slant towards Cisco devices and proprietary standards.

There are two paths to obtain a CCNA certification:

  1. Take the composite CCNA exam
  2. Take two exams (the ICND1 and ICDN2)
You can choose which option is preferable to you. Either study for longer and pay to sit one exam (CCNA) or split your studies into two and pay to sit two exams (ICND1 and ICND2).

The ICND1 curriculum (Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1) lays the foundations for the ICND2 curriculum.

CCNA Certification Pathway

On passing the ICND1 exam you obtain the CCENT certification, which is an entry-level Cisco certification.

Once you pass the ICND2 exam you then become a CCNA certified engineer. The CCNA is an associate-level certification.

Read more about the CCNA or CCENT.

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