10 Ways to Fail Your CCNA

The CCNA exam is a tough exam to pass, lots of people fail first time. In this email we go through some of the main causes of failure. Hopefully it will help improve your chances of passing first time.

Ten reasons people fail their CCNA:

1.) Forgot how to subnet, didn't practice enough
2.) Not enough time spent on revision/cramming
3.) Poor troubleshooting techniques
4.) Not able to configure Cisco routers or switches without notes
5.) Ran out of time by spending too long on each question
6.) Didn't use practice questions enough to find my weak spots
7.) Not enough time spent studying and cramming weaker subjects
8.) Had to rush the simulation questions
9.) Forgot to cram/study a topic that appeared on the exam
10.) Wasn't familiar with the exam simulator and scenario questions

If you learn from the lessons above you'll be well on your way to becoming a CCNA.

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