Why a Career in Networking?

Here at Internetwork Training HQ, We often get asked why students should pursue a career in networking?

If you are a technology-minded individual who enjoys using computers and the internet, you will probably find networking a rewarding career choice.

Networking is a vital tool in information technology, without it we would not be able to connect devices together to share and communicate, we also would not have the internet! This would be like computing was in the 1970's and 1980's!

There are many jobs you can do with a networking certification such as the Cisco CCNA, many of which may also lead to management or other senior roles in IT should you be interested later in your career.

Once you get into networking and have a few years experience you can then specialize in an area of networking, such as VoIP, security or wireless, this will give you more sought after skills that will earn you higher incomes in the marketplace.

To see the variety of jobs you can do with a CCNA certification, plus the kinds of salaries for jobs in your local area please check out our CCNA job board.

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