Sit the CCNA Exam

CCNA exam centerWe often get emails thanking us for helping them learn networking, but they go on to explain, for one reason or another, they aren't going to sit the exam.

I think this is a big shame, and most people will regret this decision. I know most people hate sitting exams, Cisco exams are also expensive. However having the CCNA certificate and being able to put it on your CV/resumé, and business card proves that you know your stuff to potential employers and clients.

You've already done the hard part, which is learning networking fundamentals, Cisco equipment, you've probably configured routers and switches and done your fair share of troubleshooting, so why not sit the exam and be rewarded for all that hard work?CCNA Certificate

Once you get that CCNA you need to show it off, advertise the fact that you are a computer networking guru! Add it to your LinkedIn, SkillPage, Elance pages so that potential employers and clients can find you and hire you.

Go tell the world you're a CCNA!

(Exam center image courtesy of mocvdleung)

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