Bill Davis's CCNA Success Secrets

"I understood subnetting well enough that I could do it in my head, quickly" ~ Bill Davis

Our latest CCNA graduate shares his experience with studying and passing his CCNA exam.

1.) A lot of people never know if they are ready to sit the exam, what advice would you give them?

For me to feel that I had a complete understanding, at  least at a CCNA level, of the information I was studying I needed to practice theory and lab and utilize them together when troubleshooting (where you really learn).  If you can complete new, and challenging troubleshooting labs, you have a firm understanding of both hands on and theory.  Other than that make sure you know your subnetting.  I am not one for memorization, so I ensure that I understood subnetting well enough that I could do it in my head, quickly.

2.) Revising for the CCNA exam can be daunting due to the amount of knowledge you need to be able to recall, how did you overcome this?

Review, review, review.  I ended up utilizing 5 single subject notebooks for my studying.  As I came closer to my test date I also utilized testing applications and websites.  Utilize sites that test your abilities, not dump sites.  

3.) What kept you motivated towards your goal of becoming CCNA certified?

Looking forward to a better job and career

4.) How did you ensure you had studied enough on specific topics?

Via testing applications and test sites.

5.) What methods did you use to study for the CCNA?

I used a combination of books, videos, labs, test application and test sites.

6.) If you were to begin studying again, what would you do differently?

I would have set my test date at the beginning.  I took too long to study for my CCNA, although I did finish with a 960.

7.) What difference did our site have on your overall success?

Having questions of the day hit my inbox really was refreshing and I still utilize them daily.  In fact, I forward them to several colleagues that are contemplating studying for their tests.

Bill Davis
CCNA Certified


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