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"Studying the CCNA itself is more conceptual and requires your complete attention to develop your skills about networks."
~ Jamshaid Riaz

We asked one of our biggest fans Jamshaid Riaz, CCNA graduate and Network Support Engineer at an ISP in Melbourne, Australia some questions about how he achieved success at the CCNA.

1.) A lot of people never know if they are ready to sit the exam, what advice would you give them?
"Finish reading your CCNA book first before attempting any papers etc as studying the CCNA itself is more conceptual and requires your complete attention to develop your skills about networks. Continuous practice is the key to be successful in this exam. Also, If you are good at sub-netting and can resolve the hardest sub-netting problems within 20 seconds then you are ready for the exams."

2.) Revising for the CCNA exam can be daunting due to the amount of knowledge you need to be able to recall, how did you overcome this?
"Best to do the quizzes and labs practice off and on, on regular basis after you clear the exams that will keep your knowledge fresh all times. Like I have many smart phone software downloaded on my phone, even books, so its always in my hand whenever I need them."

3.) What kept you motivated towards your goal of becoming CCNA certified?
"My regular self study, consistency and commitment were the key elements which motivated me toward my goal of becoming CCNA certified."

4.) How did you ensure you had studied enough on specific topics?
"I had done thorough studies and gone through Internetworktraining website for quizzes, games, Flash Cards, Cheat Sheet and videos and CCNA Book. Last but not the least, Cisco Packet tracer, GNS3 and internetworktraining Labs for router are great help to get your hands dirty with network practice."

5.) What methods did you use to study for the CCNA?
"I made a plan for 8 - 12 Weeks of self-study, finished the basic concepts and made the list of the hard topics from each chapter or topic and start practicing the hardest parts on regular basis. Mind you it's not easy, it is a full brain drain, but it is achievable if your concepts are clear about each topic."

6.) If you were to begin studying again, what would you do differently?
"I passed the CCNA exam in Feb 2012 and continuously visiting the Internetwork Training website since then. My advice about studying again, read all the topics and practice labs and do quizzes will be enough to pass in the exams. Main thing is the fundamental concepts about each topic."   

7.) What difference did our site have on your overall success?
"Basically, other than the books study, I found this website helped me in retaining the quick fundamental concepts about the topics covered in CCNA, like small definitions, Keywords, flash cards, Games, Labs and quizzes. This site was a complete help overall to cover what comes in CCNA exams. But also we need more switch labs if possible."

Jamshaid Riaz (CCNA)
Network Support Engineer
Melbourne, Australia

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