CCNA 640-802

CCNA 640-802 refers to an expired version of the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam. The new CCNA exam that replaces the 640-802 is CCNA 200-120.

The CCNA exam is 90 minutes long and contains between 45-55 questions.  It is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Portuguese languages.

The 200-120 exam tests your knowledge of networking, in particular it covers the following topics:

  1. Network media
  2. TCP/IP and OSI models
  3. IP addressing
  4. Switching and routing fundamentals
  5. Access Control Lists (ACL)
  6. Virtual LANs (VLAN)
  7. Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  8. Operating and configuring IOS devices

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Alternatively you could choose to earn your CCNA via the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT™) pathway, which divides the CCNA course into two exams making it easier to study.

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