CCNA Tutorial

In order to learn all the skills required to pass the CCNA exam you need a series of educational tools that:

  • Teach you the required syllabus in a easy to learn manner
  • Help you recall facts and figures to trigger long term memory
  • Teach you how to perform subnetting calculations by repetition
  • Configure and troubleshoot Cisco equipment using actual Cisco kit
  • Make learning fun and interactive by playing educational games
  • Provide motivation and help to get you through the course and exam
  • Enable you to learn and absorb the topics at your own pace

Our online CCNA boot camp does all of this and more!

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CCNA Syllabus

The CCNA syllabus is comprised of both the ICND1 (CCENT) syllabus and the ICND2 syllabus.

These are the topics you will need to master to pass Cisco's CCNA exam.

To learn the all the theory and configurations required to pass the CCNA exam, enroll in our online CCNA video bootcamp.

You will enjoy learning by watching videos, playing games, configuring Cisco equipment in your own lab.

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Here are the latest CCNA exam fees from Pearson VUE, scroll down to find your country.


CCNA Video Tutorials

  • Over 10½ hours of high quality CCNA video lessons that cover the whole CCNA syllabus ready to watch online
  • Videos include 30 lab walkthroughs to help you grasp the key configuration techniques
  • Printable workbooks accompany each lesson to help reinforce the knowledge you’ll learn with pop quizzes, fill in the blanks and a handy list of commands covered in each video
  • Complete printable IOS configurations for you to recreate in your own lab
  • 13 interactive games to make learning networking fun
  • Master subnetting with our Subnetting Made Easy eBook
  • Practice IOS configurations on our online simulator
  • Get ready for the exam with over 650 practice questions on every CCNA topic
  • And over 300 flashcards to help you recall important facts and commands
  • Plus download our popular CCNA cheat sheet to help you cram for the exam

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CCNA Salary

The graph below shows typical jobs that require the CCNA certification in your country, plus the average local salary for each job type.



CCENT stands for Cisco Certified Entry level Network Technician.  Cisco launched the CCENT is 2008 to help make gaining a networking certification easier.  Before the CCENT existed the CCNA was Cisco’s entry level qualification.

As a networking student, you now have two routes to gaining the popular CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification.  You can either take one exam or take two exams (ICND1 and ICND2).  When you pass the ICND1 you get the CCENT certification, then when you pass the second exam (ICND2) you will be CCNA certified.

Certification Exams
CCENT Pass one exam - ICND1

Two options:
Pass one CCNA exam or pass ICND1 and ICND2 exam

Each ICND exam is approximately half the CCNA syllabus giving you the time and flexibility to gain a certification (CCENT) and learn the subject matter in more depth while working towards your CCNA.

If you are fairly new to networking it would be preferable to take earn the CCENT certification first (by taking the ICND1 exam) rather than trying to learn all the knowledge required to pass the CCNA in one go.    On the other hand if you have been working in IT for some time and already have a good understanding of networking you may prefer to take the CCNA exam straight away.  Take a look at the pros and cons of obtaining your CCNA via the CCENT route below.

Pros and Cons for CCENT


Pros Cons
Less to study and memorise You will pay for two exams (ICND1 and 2)
Less pressure/commitment on yourself Takes longer to pass the CCNA
Learn the subjects in more depth CCENT is not as well known as CCNA
Get a CCENT qualification when you pass You won’t be able to apply for CCNA jobs
  Your knowledge will be tested to a greater depth over two exams because its roughly twice as many questions than CCNA exam

Taking the CCNA Exam in India

We get a lot of emails asking how much it costs to sit the CCNA exam in India and how to locate a test center.  Well as of May 2012 the price is $295 USD.  You can check the latest price on the Pearson VUE price list, just look for the 640-802 exam code.

Locate a Cisco Test Center in India

Cisco CCNA exams delivered by a company called Pearson VUE.  Go to this page to find a CCNA test center in India.  Choose India from the drop down menu and then select your region.


8 Tips to Help you Cram for your CCNA

Here are some tips for helping to cram for the CCNA exam.

  1. Restrict your revision to the exam topics on the CCNA syllabus
  2. Concentrate on the subjects where your knowledge is weak
  3. Buy a good CCNA certification book such as Todd Lammle's CCNA Study Guide
  4. Buy a CCNA exam simulator or use our free CCNA test engine
  5. Create a single page of revision notes per topic, you may want to use our CCNA cheat sheet as a starting point
  6. Book your exam in advance to give you some motivation
  7. Review your revision notes and start to memorize the information
  8. Condense your notes, add sketches, diagrams, mnemonics to aid your memory

CCNA Training

The CCNA certification is a good networking qualification whether you are already a networking professional, an IT student or simply looking for a change of career.
The route you choose to study for the CCNA exam will depend on your background knowledge and experience.

Below we outline the different routes to CCNA certification and who they are best suited to.

Cisco Academies – Cisco academies are good for the newbie or career change students.  They allow you to attend a local college part-time or full-time and provide the support and hardware to learn in your own time.  Search for your local Cisco Academy.

Cisco Boot Camps – Boot camps are a quick way of gaining the required knowledge to pass the CCNA exam in a short space of time.  They are ideally suited to candidates that have some experience with networking because there is a lot of information to learn and take on board.  We offer an on-demand CCNA video training boot camp which will allow you to learn the CCNA from the comfort of your own home.

Self Study – If you have the patience and dedication to learn from a book or eLearning course this is probably the cheapest route to the CCNA cert.  Beware this route lacks the support and guidance of a tutor, and without Cisco hardware you’ll need to rely on simulators and or second-hand Cisco routers to learn the practical skills.

Whatever route you choose, our free CCNA practice questions and low cost CCNA cram sheet will ensure you are fully prepared when it comes to taking your CCNA exam.