The Secret to a Prosperous Career in IT

Most people leave school or college with the mindset that they will never need to read another text book or take another exam ever again.

This couldn't be further from reality, especially in Information Technology, where technology and the way we work changes from year to year.

Had you heard of cloud computing or BYOD (Bring your own device) 5 years ago?

The most successful and highest paid people take responsibility for their own learning and continuing education, because they understand that if they don't at least keep up with the changes in technology their career prospects will be on a downward spiral until they reach a point where they are out of a job.

What would your career prospects be like if you still specialized in Novell networks today?

Hopefully this short email should answer these questions we've been getting recently from our students...

1.) Why has Cisco changed their syllabus and exams?
2.) Why do Cisco certifications expire after 3 years?

The answer of course is that technology changes. Three years is a long time in IT, and Cisco is trying to encourage you to keep up with those advances.

Isn't it time you started getting serious about keeping your skills up-to-date?
Your career depends on it.