The Secret to CCNA Success

"The free videos you sent gave me a good head start in the learning process. I took the CCNA exam on 8th January 2013 and passed with a score of 986, it is feels real great to be CCNA."
~ Oluwapelumi Ogundijo

We asked our latest CCNA graduate Oluwapelumi Ogundijo his secret to successfully passing his CCNA exam...

1.) What methods did you use to study for the CCNA?

"I had a two-weeks instructor led training program followed by an intensive self study."

2.) What skills did you find most useful during the exam?

"Analytical, quick reasoning and good problem solving skills as the questions were framed in real life scenarios."

3.) If you were to give some tips to a friend what would you tell them?

"To combine self study with some kind of instructor-led program because there are some aspects of the course where the need arises for someone who has gone through it successfully to put you through."

4.) How did you find the CCNA exam? Was it hard, or was it as you expected?

"The CCNA exam is not difficult if well prepared for."

5.) What are you hoping the CCNA will help you achieve?

"I hope the CCNA will give me a good career start in the Information Technology field."

6.) If you were to begin studying again, what would you do differently?

"I would have done nothing differently because everything I did contributed in a way to my overall success."

Oluwapelumi Ogundijo
CCNA Certified Engineer