Distance Vector Routing Timers

Route Update Timer – This is the amount of time the router waits before sending out it’s entire routing table out every enabled interface that has RIP routing protocol running.

Route Invalid Timer – If updates for a particular route have not been received in this time, then the route becomes invalid. It will then distribute this knowledge in it’s own routing update.

Route Flush Timer – After this amount of time, without a route update, a route is removed from a routing table. The router notifies it’s peers that the route will be removed before it’s removal, hence the flush timer has to allow significant time for this communication to happen.

Routing Timer Comparison Table

Routing Protocol Route Update Timer Route Invalid Timer Route Hold-down Timer Route Flush Timer
RIP 30 sec 90 sec 240 sec
IGRP 90 sec 3 x update 3 x update + 10 sec 7 x update

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